2015 AGM Minutes

MCAT 2015 AGM Meeting Minutes

Meeting: Monash Cycling and Triathlon (MCaT) – Annual General Meeting.

­Date: Monday 16 March 2015 6:00pm

Location: Seminar Room, Monash Sport

Attendees Present (23):

Joel Docker, Anthony Khoo, Matt de Vroet, Robert Jamieson, Paddy Burt, Matt Allcock, Maddison McFadden, Matt Gebert, Sam Tomkinson, Brenton White, Tristan Mioni, Jack Harley, Sidonie Lowe, Lachlan Cullum, Harry Osmond, Lilly Dipnall, Bahman, Farshid Zavareh, James Wang, Isabelle Claxton, Faiz Faridh, Tim Mistarz, Vincent Chu

Apologies via Facebook message (6):

Anna McGlade, Jackie Cooke, Megan Hawkins, Noah Deubel, Tom Boatman, Damien Laing

Outcome of Elections:

President: Anthony Khoo

Treasurer: Joel Docker (unofficial title: Captain)

Secretary: Jack Harley (unofficial title: Team Manager)


  • Joel’s Uni Games briefing: looking to send a full team (6 men, 6 women) to the Gold Coast to compete, beginning 28 September
  • Request for last year’s AUC Yarra Tri results
  • Proposal for triathlon team support for new racers (to provide advice etc.). Tristan proposed Tri Aus membership and HTC Try a Tri
  • Proposal for individual athletes (competing in triathlons or cycling events) to race for MCaT by putting down “Monash Cycling and Triathlon” under the “club” section upon registration.
  • Sponsorship discussion: We would inform sponsors that we could assist in exposure through Unigames, training rides, Around the Bay. Brenton suggested gyms/personal training studios are often keen to advertise their brand through sponsorship.
  • Uniform discussion: 14 in favour of keeping/minor adjustments, 3 in favour of changing immediately (low visibility issue raised, however there are options on the supplier website for high-vis strips to be added). 11 interested in purchasing now. Lachie proposed a hoodie. Formed a volunteer Uniform sub-committee for developing new kit design for next year: Jack (chair), Vincent, Harry, Isabelle. It was reminded that athletes can individually select which style of jersey to purchase, based on budget and intended use.
  • Best way to communicate? Facebook (22 members), Calendar feed (1 member). Rob suggested TeamApp.
  • It was brought up that a weekly routine should be established to maintain attendance.
  • Suggestion to car pool to reach different training locations.
  • Swimming discussion: Brenton keen to help with swim coaching. Proposed an online interest form. Proposal for 24hr megaswim team event for exposure. Tristan suggested promoting our attendance at summer swimming events (eg Pier to Pub)
  • Best time to train? Vote was taken and table of availability was created.
  • Lily brought up several good points: as a beginner triathlete (and new cyclist) she felt uncomfortable riding on the road, specifically during the Meet & Greet ride, and wants help/mentoring for both this and triathlon. We proposed a monthly social safety ride, available to new riders who are yet to develop confidence on the road. Advertising: “beginners targeted”, “controlled/safe environment”, “skill building” etc.
  • Anthony suggested that current FB posts should make it clearer that both experienced and beginner cyclists will be catered for. Proposal: Mondays (@Packer Park velodrome/Glenvale) to cater for beginner riders more, whereas Friday ride (@Beach Rd) to target the faster riders. However, all riders will be catered for all rides nonetheless.
  • Interest in pursuing a mentoring scheme – interested newbies get allocated a mentor whom they can ask questions
  • Discussion on attracting more members: O-week stall, social media and seeing the MCaT team jersey were the most successful methods. Therefore we hope to open up the jersey store in the near future, after minor adjustments have been made (Vincent agreed to assist in the design modification process).
  • Fundraising opportunity: charging an entry fee ($5/10) at O-week next year for club membership.
  • Facebook page events discussion: Jack suggested weekly poster detailing rides, which could also be printed and physically put up in the Bike Arrival Station. Rob added that posters could be posted as the Facebook page banner for maximum exposure.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm