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President’s and Treasurer’s Report

Ahead of our AGM next Wednesday 23/3/16, find attached below President’s Report and Treasurer’s Report from 2015. These reports will are to be tabled at the meeting, however we hope to avoid covering them in detail, in the interest of time. Please take the time to read over and contact the club directly <mcat at pedalpower dot me> with any queries prior to the AGM so that we can update them if necessary.

Note that further questions and discussion is encouraged during the member forum immediately following the AGM formalities.




Our 2016 AGM will take place at 6pm on Wednesday 23rd March in the Seminar Room (to the left of reception desk) at Monash Sport, 42 Scenic Boulevard, Clayton Campus.

For the continued success of the club it’s imperative that we elect a committee of passionate individuals who are willing to drive the club throughout this year and especially 2017 and beyond.

Do you love cycling, swimming, running or all of the above and want to give back to the community bringing enthusiasts together at Monash? By committing a little time each week you can help to run events which bring together like-minded people for socialising, skill development, training and some kind-hearted racing.

If you are interested in being a part of the committee for this year and would like to know more, please read the position descriptions below and most importantly let us know! You can email the club directly using <mcat at pedalpower dot me> or contact any of our current executive (Anthony Khoo, Jack Harley and Joel Docker) via facebook.

If you’re a passionate member of the club but not ready to join the committee, please come along to the AGM to help us elect our new committee. Immediately after the AGM we are running a member forum, where all members are invited to have their say and discuss events, procedures and the direction of the club!

Position Descriptions:


  •       Leading committee.
  •       Spokesperson for club. Communication and representation of the club to other organisations (e.g. Team monash, other clubs)
  •       Co-ordination of O week campaign
  •       Co-ordination of events (weekly, one-off)
  •       Planning and implementing succession
  •       Set AGM and quarterly committee meeting dates/agenda.

Secretary/(Vice President)

Assists president in his/her duties. Usually with an eye for succession as President in the following year. (learning)

  •       Assist President
  •       Scribing and publication of meeting minutes
  •       Communications within the club

Treasurer/AUG Manager

  •       Manage Uni games team
    • Book Accomodation
    • Attend Team Monash Monthly meetings in lead-up
    • Co-ordinate selection. Trials, publicity, selection.
    • Book flights.
    • Responsible for group financial transactions assoc. with AUG.
  •       Report Annually on incomes/expenditures.
  •       Construct annual budget.
  •       Custody of Bank account (shared with Pres); succession and transfer of ownership.
  •       Planning financial future (e.g. pursue and co-ordinate opportunities for fundraising).

Marketing/Media Officer

  •       Facebook group activity
  •       FB group moderation
  •       Promotional media (posters, events etc.)
  •       Other social media as club expands.

Thanks for taking the time to read through. Even if you’re just a little bit interested in helping out, please do contact us as we can talk you through the committee and responsibilities.


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